1. What is Armprotec ?

    Armprote is a specially made synthetic leather for work gloves. It is more durable compared to most of the synthetic leather materials in the market. Armprotec allows your gloves to perform more difficult tasks and last longer.

  2. Are the Armprotec gloves washable?

    Yes. All the Armprotec gloves are washable and easily dry.

  3. Deerskin gloves are usually more expensive than other gloves. How is deerskin leather different from other leathers?

    Deerskin is naturally soft yet durable, which provides comfort and superior feeling to your hands. Its flexibility can give you the best fitting and exceptional experience.

  4. Where can I purchase Skydeer products?

    When you click on the button on the product page, you will be directed to Amazon.com, which is our working partner in the USA.

  5. Do you ship international outside USA?

    On  website, we offer the option to ship international. But the corresponding shipping cost would be higher. Some of our products will also be available on Amazon.ca (Canada) and Amazon.com.au (Australia). If you are from other countries and would like to purchase our products, you may send us an email for inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

  6. Can I get refund if the glove I received is damaged?

    Yes. You are 100% money back guaranteed. You can get refund for the damaged new glove or we will send you a replacement accordingly.

  7. What if I cannot find a suitable glove on your website?

    If you are looking for a specific glove and cannot find here, please send us an email telling us your requirements. Skydeer research team will gather your information and try to make it for you on our next product development.

  8. Why do I need to subscribe the newsletter?

    Skydeer will update our new products and promotions to our subscribed members. PROMOTION CODE will be sent when there are any sales events. You will surely save some money when getting a nice pair of glove.

  9. If I have any comments on the gloves I purchased, what is the best way to tell?

    The best way to send us product review or any feedback relating to your purchased products is on Amazon product page. It will surely help Skydeer to improve our products and services.